Hydraulic-Set AHR Retrievable Packers

The AHR packer is a retrievable, hydraulic-set production packer set in casing to divert casing-to-tubing flow.  It is set by pressuring up the tubing string against a plugging device below the packer.

A bi-directional directional barrel slip holds the packer in place against loads and well pressure from above and below. The packer can be retrieved either through straight pull of the tubing string or cutting the packer mandrel.


  • API 11D1 / ISO 14310 V3
  • Single-trip capability
  • Barrel slip design
  • Single-piece mandrel construction
  • Triple seal multidurometer element
  • Straight pull or cut to release
  • Feed-through capability


  • Multiple packers can be set close together
  • Easily converted between straight pull to release or cut to release
  • Meets API 11D1 / ISO 14310 V3
  • Various casing sizes available
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Related Information

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