FloRite® Multi-String Multilateral Completion System

For Multilateral Wells that Require Complete Junction Pressure Isolation

The FloRite® multilateral completion system is specifically designed for wells that require full junction pressure isolation while allowing re-entry capability to access the laterals through the completion. This capability eliminates the need to pull the completion should access be required for clean up, stimulation or data acquisition. Applied to TAML level 2 through 4 junctions, the FloRite system converts them to level 5. Prime candidates are injection wells, gas wells or wells with different pressure regimes. Production from each lateral can be completely segregated to surface with the installation of a dual completion, or with the use of the optional Vector Block, a single string completion can be installed while allowing selective access to either lateral or mainbore.
  • Tubing in both laterals is installed in a single run; modular integration with level 3 and 4 systems in both new and re-entry applications
  • Junction placement becomes less dependent on local fracture gradients, pore pressures, competence, etc.
  • Junction integrity is not challenged when applied to gas and high-pressure injector wells
  • Dual-flow paths allow injection and production or segregated production from different reservoir layers
  • Systems can be stacked in series
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Related Information

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