Multilateral Workover Tools

Multilateral workover tools are used in casing re-entry or through-tubing re-entry applications. They are designed specifically to allow access into the laterals or lower mainbore to perform workover operations. The installation methods range from jointed pipe, coiled tubing, or wireline.

LRW-SL™ Self-Locating Lateral Re-entry Whipstock
A self-locating key on the LRW-SL whipstock allows installation in a conventionally milled window junction on jointed pipe.
LRW™ Lateral Re-entry Whipstock
This tool allows re-entry to the lateral for clean up, stimulation or data acquisition.
TEW™ Tubing Exit Whipstock
Eliminates the need to pull the completion tubing to access laterals and allows workover tools run on coiled tubing or wireline to enter the laterals.
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Related Information

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