VersaFlex® Low ECD System

The VersaFlex® Low Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD) system reduces pressure drop across the liner-top during circulation and cementing for easier ECD management. It is ideal for deep water and mature assets and was developed to handle low pressure formations and fracture gradient-sensitive wells. Reduced pressure is achievable within a wide range of mud weights and is accomplished by the system’s greatly reduced outer diameter.


  • Larger bypass area 
  • Operating envelope comparable to industry- standard liner hangers
  • No restrictions at the liner-top
  • Utilizes same casing equipment
  • Multiple elastomers 


  • Reduced pressure drop across liner-top for tripping-in or circulating
  • No ID restriction
  • Gas-tight seal on setting
  • Faster trip-in hole speeds

VersaFlex® Low ECD System offers approximately twice the annular flow area thus allowing increased flow rates.


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Summary VersaFlex® Low ECD System Oct 2017
Summary VersaFlex Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD) System Jul 2015
Summary VersaFlex Low ECD System (Spanish) Jul 2013
Summary VersaFlex Low ECD System Apr 2012
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