VersaFlex® High-Torque System

Downhole challenges such as sloughing formations, differential sticking, or complex extended-reach drilling environments require a solution that can withstand the heavy torque and rotation necessary to ream or drill in. The VersaFlex® High-Torque system features a robust running tool, tertiary setting options and a mechanical contingency release, all specifically designed for harsh conditions.


  • Simplicity
  • Multiple elastomers
  • High circulation rates - up to 18 BPM
  • Triple redundant setting mechanism
  • Contingency release mechanism
  • Premium high-torque liner connections


  • Robust gas-tight liner-top seal
  • Hydraulically energized seal upon setting
  • Enhanced torque ratings
  • No ID restriction
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Summary VersaFlex® High-Torque System Nov 2017
Summary VersaFlex High-Torque System Oct 2011
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