Liner Hangers

VersaFlex® liner hanger system combines expandable solid tubular technology with Halliburton's world-class cementing expertise. The liner hanger/packer consists of an integral tieback receptacle and expandable solid hanger body that are bonded to multiple elastomeric elements. The system provides both a bi-directional annular seal and all tensile and compressive load capability.



  • Eliminate liner top isolation packers (reduced complexity)
  • Reduce rig time through faster RIH
  • No moving components resulting in improved reliability

  • Less complex completion
  • Reduction in potential leak paths
  • Multiple redundant sealing (packer) elements
  • Field-proven with over 8000+ installations
  • No slip damage to support casing

Liner Hangers

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Summary Frac Sleeve DUC Well Completed 410 Days After Installation Shatters Local Record Mar 2017
Summary VersaFlex System Successfully Runs To Depth Without Internal Fluids in a Shallow Extended-Reach Well Feb 2017
Summary Halliburton Installs First VersaFlex Big Bore System in Angola Aug 2016
Summary VersaFlex® Expandable Liner Hanger System Overcomes Pre-Salt and Fluid Loss Challenges Apr 2016
Summary VersaFlex XtremeGrip System Offers Metal-to-Metal Solution Jun 2015
Summary VersaFlex System Overcomes Pre-Salt and Fluid Loss Challenges with ZERO HSE Issues Feb 2015
Summary Cemented VersaFlex® expandable liner hanger provided superior reliability and saved 24 hours of rig time Sep 2014
Summary Central Europe: Combination of Technologies Provides Central European Operator with Successful Lower and Upper Completions Nov 2013
Summary Latin America: Swellpacker and VersaFlex Technologies Enable Greater Productivity in Development Wells Apr 2013
Summary Halliburton helped operator reinforce casing to meet new deepwater Gulf of Mexico standards Mar 2013
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VersaFlex® XtremeGrip System
VersaFlex® Big Bore System
VersaFlex® Breech Lock System
VersaFlex® High-Torque System
VersaFlex® Low ECD System
VersaStim® Expandable Liner Hanger System
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