Retrievable Gas Lift Staddles

Halliburton's range of retrievable gas lift straddles allows the introduction of controlled gas lift into a well without the need for an expensive workover. Designed to be positioned across pre-punched tubing or set across existing gas lift mandrels that have lost integrity due to erosion or mechanical damage, the injected gas passes through ports on the Straddle OD and into the production flow via gas lift valves incorporated within the Straddle system. Dual packing elements provide the pressure seal while a slip mechanism anchors the straddle to the wellbore.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides a gas lift solution to suit from 2-7/8” to 7” tubing
  • Cost effective solution for installation of controlled gas lift in wells with depleted reservoirs
  • Allows reinstatement of controlled gas lift in wells where existing system has failed
  • Allows extension of gas lift to depths previously unavailable
  • One-piece dual modulus packing elements enhances ability to return to original shape upon release thus reducing the risk of hanging up
  • Slip mechanisms isolated from wellbore and protected from well debris thus improving reliability

Related Information

Related Information

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