Intervention Packers and Straddles

Straddles and pack-offs play an important role in the remediation of wellbore deficiencies.  Halliburton's full line of straddle and pack-off assemblies offer countless variations for customizable solutions.  Whether it is retrievable casing patch or a replacement for a worn-out gas lift mandrel, Halliburton can supply the proper solution.

BB Wireline-Retrievable Packer
Primarily used as an anchoring device for the suspension of a variety of well intervention tools, the BB0 packer is a large bore pack-off device which can be set at a predetermined point anywhere in the tubing or casing.
BB Wireline-Retrievable Straddle
The BB0 retrievable straddle can be run in any well where pressure communication between tubing and annulus must be sealed.
BR0 Modular Straddle System
The BR0 modular straddle system allows long straddles to be deployed in sections where running in one trip is not possible due to available lubricator height restrictions.
Evo-Trieve® Packer and Straddle Systems
The Evo-Trieve® packer is used as the base conversion unit for a broad range of specialized intervention packer and straddle systems to provide cost-effective solutions for loss of tubing pressure integrity or well production issues.
Retrievable Gas Lift Straddles
Halliburton’s range of retrievable gas lift straddles allow the introduction of controlled gas lift into a well without the need for an expensive workover.
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