Horizontal Completions

Halliburton offers a wide range technologies to enhance horizontal completions for maximum flexibility in selecting the optimum multistage fracture completion. 

With benefits such as reduced stimulation time, selective production, and specific zonal treatment, our RapidSuite™ systems, combined with our fracturing fluids and services, offer a stimulation solution for maximum production.

Unconventional Completions

Unconventional Completions

From RapidSuite™ multistage frac sleeve systems to Fas Drill® composite plugs to openhole isolation systems including ZoneGuard® packers and Swellpacker® systems, Halliburton offers many completion solutions designed to do just that: maximize profit in unconventional plays.
Unconventional Completions

Effective Zonal Isolation Between Sleeves

Halliburton offers a variety of zonal isolation options, including our leading Swellpacker® systems for completions and well construction, and our new ZoneGuard® system for zonal isolation in formation control, selective stimulation and fracturing applications.
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Related Information


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