PetroGuard® Sliding Side-Door® Screen

Similar to EquiFlow® Sliding Side-Door® inflow control device (ICD), sometimes more well control is needed or desired with traditional standalone screen (SAS) completions. The PetroGuard® Sliding Side-Door® screen provides the operator with enhanced SAS control by providing the option to completely shut off fluid flow through any and all of the screens in a completion.

The PetroGuard Sliding Side-Door screen can be run in either open or closed hole and cycled multiple times with over three decades of reliability behind Halliburton’s Sliding Side-Door technology.

This added functionality creates a number of additional options for completing a SAS well. 

These include:

  • Full injection shutoff to control thief zones and matrix breakout events
  • Full production shutoff to eliminate water and gas breakthrough
  • Full fluid loss control
  • Ability to circulate fluids around screens
  • Ability to shut off cut or damaged sand screen
  • Ability to pinpoint stimulation


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Related Information

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