EquiFlow® Nozzle Inflow Control Device

EquiFlow® Nozzle ICD
Because no two reservoirs are alike, having multiple flow control options can be a significant plus for operators. To that end, Halliburton’s EquiFlow® Nozzle inflow control device (ICD) combine the same inflow balancing benefit as our standard EquiFlow ICD, but with additional flexibility to reconfigure the ICD if required. While the EquiFlow ICD is designed to improve completion performance and efficiency by balancing inflow throughout the length of a completion, the adjustable version improves logistics and helps reduce delivery time. The nozzle ICD can be stocked with the confidence that a wide range of setting configurations is available to meet most well requirements. This allows for the ability to determine the final ICD profile later in the project, such as when the operator receives updated well data during the drilling operations from MWD/LWD and allows any unused ICDs to be used on subsequent projects.

Built as part of the completion string, the EquiFlow Nozzle ICD features simple construction, robust design and no moving parts. Distinctive benefits include:

  • Engineering that allows for last minute changes to the EquiFlow ICD configuration
  • Final flow profile configuration can be decided later in the project
  • Unique features that permit re-configuring of the EquiFlow ICD to fit other applications or projects
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