EquiFlow® Autonomous Inflow Control Device

Horizontal wellbores are often favored by operators for exploiting narrow, oil-bearing formations to maximize contact with the pay zone. However, when production causes unwanted gas and/or water to migrate to the wellbore—or uneven production distribution results due to pressure drop in the tubing—operators turn to Halliburton's EquiFlow® autonomous inflow control device (AICD). A simple, reliable and cost-effective solution to the downfalls of passive inflow control, this device works to:

  • Delay the flow of unwanted fluids such as water and gas into the horizontal wellbore
  • Increase reliability through design simplicity
  • Minimize undesired fluid production
  • Balance production through the interval
  • Help increase recoverable reserves and extend well production
  • Reduce cost and risk of handling unwanted fluid at surface

The EquiFlow AICD utilizes innovative dynamic fluid technology to differentiate between fluids flowing through it in order to maximize oil production. The AICD works initially like a passive ICD, yet it restricts the production of water and gas at breakthrough to minimize water and gas cuts dramatically. It has no moving parts, does not require downhole orientation and utilizes dynamic fluid properties to direct fluid flow. Product features include:

  • Operates autonomously
  • Contains no moving parts, electronics, or connections to the surface
  • Requires no intervention
  • Will cease flow restriction if unwanted fluid recedes
  • Designs available to produce oil and restrict either water or gas
  • Utilizes innovative dynamic fluid technology to direct flow
  • Functions as a standard ICD prior to water/gas breakthrough
  • Each device functions independently for precise response to the reservoir
Engineering Innovation - 2012 Winner Spotlight on new Technology - 2012 Winner
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EquiFlow® Autonomous Inflow Control Device

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Summary EquiFlow® AICD deployment more than triples oil production for major operator in the Middle East Oct 2015
Summary EquiFlow AICD helped Repsol recover extra 21,000 barrels of oil Mar 2014
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