Prepacked Screens

Halliburton offers several prepack screen designs to suit your sand control needs including enhanced low profile, premium low profile, and dual-screen. The prepack design resists erosion where voids may exist in the pack. The prepack sand, typically resin coated and consolidated, can be provided in regular resieved sand varieties. All Halliburton prepack screens are packed separately from the basepipe. This allows for inspection of the complete jacket for voids.

  • Enhanced Low Profile (ELP) and Premium Low Profile (PLP) Prepack Screens — These screens can be used in gravel-packed and non-gravel packed wells. They incorporate a strong inner wire wrap layer made from round wire and a keystone-shaped outer wire wrap layer.

  • Dual-Screen Prepack Screens — When gravel packing is not feasible, dual-screen prepack screens provide built-in sand control. They incorporate a keystone-shaped wire for the inner and outer wire wraps.

  • Enhanced Low Profile (ELP) Prepack Screen Dual-Screen Prepack Screen

    Enhanced Low Profile (ELP)
    Prepack Screen

    Dual-Screen Prepack Screen

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