PoroMax® Screens

Maximizing Performance and Value

If these are some of the challenges you face, PoroMax® sand control screens provide the solution. Combining the global gravel pack experience of Halliburton with the recognized filtration technology of Purolator, PoroMax screen is a premium shrouded, sintered laminate screen product, engineered for optimum inflow area. These screens retain the toughness of the highly successful original Poroplus® screen making them suitable for installations with an extended reach and/or long open hole and for installation through a casing window (such as for multilateral completions), with or without centralization.With substantially improved dirt-holding capacity and pressure drop performance due to the improved inflow design, PoroMax screens are also suitable for high-flow applications.
*PoroMax and Poroplus are registered trademarks of Purolator.
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Related Information

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