PetroGuard® Treat Screen

The PetroGuard® Treat screen is a specially modified version of any member of the PetroGuard family of screens from Halliburton. With a PetroGuard Treat screen, the normally void volume of the screen is filled with a solid treating material that is conveyed down hole with the screen. Once there, the treatment hydrolyzes to generate organic acid for complete and uniform removal of acid-soluble components in the filter cake. The screen's volume of treating material is precisely engineered to remove all of the calcium carbonate and starch typically present in openhole filter cakes. Advantages include:

  • Prevention of screen plugging during installation
  • Uniform acid generation over entire screen interval
  • May eliminate need to pump acid treatments saving costs, space and rig time
  • May eliminate need to run washpipe inside the screen for circulating fluids to bottom, also saving costs and rig time, and lessening the weight of the bottomhole assembly 
  PetroGuard Treat Screen  
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