PetroGuard® Advanced Mesh Screen

PetroGuard® Advanced Mesh screen brings advanced filtration technology to the upstream oil and gas industry. Designed to provide the highest solids retention and plugging resistance possible, its multi-layered construction is ideal for a wide range of sand control applications. The more challenging the sand, the better PetroGuard Advanced Mesh screen performs compared with other mesh screen products.
  • Multiple graduated filtration layers
  • No tortuous flow path, making it feasible to backflush to clean the screen
  • Durable outer shroud for protection during installation
  • Higher solids retention
  • Improved plugging resistance
  • Optimized filtration for each field
  • Reduced need for pumped sand control solution




PetroGuard Advanced Mesh Screen

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Summary PetroGuard® Advanced Mesh Screen Mar 2017
Summary Sand Control Screen and Inflow Control Technology Solutions Apr 2012
Summary PetroGuard Advanced Mesh Screen (Spanish) Jul 2011
Summary PetroGuard Advanced Mesh Screen Jul 2011
Summary West Africa: FS Fluid Loss Isolation Barrier Valve Demonstrates Unparalleled Reliability in Deepwater Applications Apr 2011
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