PetroGuard® Advanced Mesh Screen

PetroGuard® Advanced Mesh screen brings advanced filtration technology to the upstream oil and gas industry. Designed to provide the highest solids retention and plugging resistance possible, its multi-layered construction is ideal for a wide range of sand control applications. The more challenging the sand, the better PetroGuard Advanced Mesh screen performs compared with other mesh screen products.
  • Multiple graduated filtration layers
  • No tortuous flow path, making it feasible to backflush to clean the screen
  • Durable outer shroud for protection during installation
  • Higher solids retention
  • Improved plugging resistance
  • Optimized filtration for each field
  • Reduced need for pumped sand control solution




PetroGuard Advanced Mesh Screen

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Summary PetroGuard® Advanced Mesh Screen May 2018
Summary PetroGuard Advanced Mesh Screen (Spanish) Jul 2011
Summary PetroGuard Advanced Mesh Screen Jul 2011
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