Compliant Screens

Compliant screens help remove the annular gap between the screen and the open hole, and assists in providing borehole stability to prevent fine migration and potential plugging.

Sand production is an ongoing and escalating challenge within the industry, affecting productivity and causing damage to downhole and surface equipment. An openhole wellbore is often the architecture of choice for completing a sandstone reservoir as it can provide low skin values to help achieve flow performance. It is also typically associated with deviated and horizontal trajectories tapping into narrow hydrocarbon-bearing formations to achieve maximum contact within the pay zones. Current sand control techniques to complete those wells include expandable and standalone screens and gravel packing, but are costly and time consuming.

The innovative Endurance Hydraulic Screen® offers a distinct alternative to traditional methods of compliant sand control. This reservoir compliant screen provides positive wellbore support with unprecedented installation simplicity, flexibility, and life of well reliability.

Endurance Hydraulic Screen®
Endurance Hydraulic Screen® is a compliant screen that delivers a new level of sand control completion, providing reservoir compliance through positive wellbore support.
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