Advance-MZ™ System

Effective single-trip multizone system, with increased overall length, that provides close-spacing and zonal control capabilities

The Advance-MZ™ system carries on the legacy of our STMZ™ and Enhanced Single-Trip Multizone (ESTMZ™) systems by offering an intermediate pressure rated system that provides zonal isolation for short intervals. An engineered length of screen is provided for each zone, along with frac pack rated service tools, which enable many treatment design options including annular gravel packs, high-rate water packs, extension packs, and frac packs.

Advance-MZ system combines select capabilities of the original STMZ and ESTMZ systems; giving operators the ability to access additional zones in land, mature, offshore, and deepwater fields that may have been deemed too marginal to complete in the past.

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Related Information

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