Standard Gravel Pack Systems

Several gravel packing techniques are available and are very effective. Each of these techniques has special advantages and is designed for unique applications.

FracPac™ Systems

  • In the 1990s, industry experts introduced the concept of increasing the pack-sand volume placed outside the casing (high-permeability fracturing).

Single-Trip Perf/Pack (STPP™-GH) Completion System

  • The STPP™-GH single-trip perf/pack system provides cost-effective, single run completions that combine perforating and frac-packing into a single string.

Twin-Flow AIS Valve

  • Fluid loss control in ultra-deepwater completions that utilize SmartWell® technology can present a challenge. To help alleviate these challenges, Halliburton engineered the Twin-Flow Annular Isolation System (AIS) valve, a hydraulically actuated fluid loss device.

Cased and Openhole Washdown Systems for Vertical or Horizontal Completions

  • Halliburton offers innovative cased and openhole extended reach completion systems. Most systems rely on the field proven Versa-Trieve® packer/multi-position tool (MPT) combination to deploy the bottomhole assembly.

1062™ Horizontal Openhole Sand Control Completion System Family

  • The 1062™ horizontal openhole sand control completion system family includes several system options. The primary features of the 1062 family of systems include the field proven Versa-Trieve® packer/MPT tool system to run and position screens or slotted liners in the well.
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Related Information

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