Liner-Conveyed Gravel-Pack (LCGP) System

Run a Liner and Convey a Gravel-Pack Completion in a Single Trip

As drilling and completion costs continue to increase, efficient methods to drill and complete new wells and sidetrack existing wells are required to decrease cost and enhance production. Existing drilling practices may require multiple drilling liners to reach well depth, with each additional liner further restricting the wellbore and restraining well production. Installing the largest sandface completion assembly across the sandface, that does not restrict well flow, is the optimal solution.

The Liner-Conveyed Gravel-Pack (LCGP) system provides a single-trip combination casing liner and screen assembly with the capability to place a sand control completion across the sandface and cement the liner above. Since the liner is combined with the screen into a single completion assembly, the screen does not have to pass through the liner, enabling the larger basepipe screen to be placed across the sandface.

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Related Information

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