Downhole Tool Systems

Name the sand control challenge you face - and Halliburton can solve it with a highly effective downhole tool system. From complete gravel pack systems to horizontal completion equipment, Halliburton offers unmatched capabilities in sand control.

Most of Halliburton’s sand control completion systems can be configured with assemblies that will perform in highly demanding conditions. These wells are generally high-pressure critical applications that require the attention of a Halliburton technical specialist. We offer equipment for gravel pack systems rated to 400°F, 15,000 psi, and H2S service.

ESTMZ™ Enhanced Single-Trip Multizone Completion System
Horizontal Gravel Pack Systems
Liner-Conveyed Gravel-Pack (LCGP) System
Sandface Instrumentation (SFI) Gravel Pack System
Single-Trip Perf/Pack-Gun Hanger (STPP™-GH) System
Standard Gravel Pack Systems
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Related Information

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