Sand Control Versa-Trieve® Packer / Multi-Position Tool Systems

The Halliburton multi-position gravel pack tool (MPT tool) is a key component of a number of the sand control tool systems. In the squeeze position, it establishes the flow paths necessary to squeeze fluid into the formation. In upper and lower circulating positions, it circulates fluid across the formation interval, through the screen, then back up the tubing/casing annulus. In the reverse circulating position, it circulates reverse fluids down the annulus and back up the tubing. It can also be used to circulate down the tubing to spot fluid in place.

These positions are used during tubing cleaning, acidizing, and sand slurry placement stages and are required to place and circulate fluids to achieve an optimal gravel pack. Raising and lowering the multi-position tool relative to the packer provides these changes of flow path.

Sand Control Versa-Trieve® Packer / Multi-Position Tool Systems

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Summary First successful installation of parking sub and fluid loss isolation barrier valve in multilateral well Jul 2014
Summary Wireline-set Versa-Trieve VTA packer saves customer Mar 2014
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