High Rate MCS and MFS Closing Sleeves

Critical Service MCS with Quadra™ Seals        

Halliburton's critical service MCS closing sleeve incorporates Quadra™ seal technology, which was originally designed for use in sand control service tools. Quadra seals provide increased erosion resistance and lower stabbing forces. The new sleeve uses bonded elastomer seals that are molded onto the sleeve. In comparison the conventional design uses multiple o-rings.

Halliburton's MCS closing sleeves provide for circulation and isolation in gravel pack, FracPac™ system, Red Zone® and Beyond Red Zone® operations. The design provides large diameter flow ports for circulation during fluid displacement and washing. A collet arrangement holds the sleeve open during washing operations and holds the sleeve closed when the washpipe is removed. The sleeve is shifted by a self-releasing, positive positioning tool installed on the washpipe. If necessary, the closing sleeve may be reopened and closed by simply lowering or raising the shifting tool through the sleeve.



High Rate MCS and MFS Closing Sleeves

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