WellLife® 734 Additive

WellLife® 734 additive is a versatile glass fiber material developed specifically for use in well cements and other well fluids. WellLife 734 additive can be used to modify the mechanical properties of set cement. Specifically, it can be used to enhance the tensile strength of set cement. When used in cements another useful feature of WellLife 734 fibers is that they will help to mitigate any undesirable effects of shrinkage that may occur during cement slurry hydration. WellLife 734 additive can be used in applications in temperatures up to 600°F (316ºC). The material can be dry blended in the field and pneumatically transferred, for ease of use, or it can be added to a prepared cement slurry either in a batch mixer or to an RCM® mixer. Standard mixing and pumping equipment can be used.

Set cement is typically strong in compression, but less so in tension. Increasingly it is being recognized by the well construction industry that cement can potentially fail in tension in the wellbore annulus when subjected to loading. When the cement sheath fails under tension, the resulting cracks can create fluid migration pathways. These cracks may result in a loss of zonal isolation.

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