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Two major factors affecting cement slurry performance are the concentration of additives and their distribution throughout the cement blend.  Thus, the bulk cement discharge system is a critical factor in achieving an optimized cementing job.  Halliburton is the only cementing services company that designs and manufactures its own cementing equipment, including the Steady Flow™ Separator Bulk Material System.  A past winner of the Special Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation from the Petroleum Engineer International Magazine, the Steady Flow separator bulk material system is designed to discharge bulk cement to the RCM® IIIr Mixing System at a regulated, reduced pressure.  This is critical for accurate density control and it minimizes cement dust.  Key features and benefits include:

  • 80 ft3 capacity allows for surges in the cement supply
  • Legs or top supports. Both types are available with Martin Decker scales. A constant level control is available to automatically maintain the tank level.
  • Eliminates the need for a non-pressure surge tank. The Steady Flow separator can gravity feed to a hopper for emergency jet mixing.
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Related Information

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