Tuned® Spacer Cement Spacer

Easy control of mixing, pumping and ECDs

Tuned Spacer cement spacer relies on rheology to efficiently displace drilling fluid. Because its rheology remains relatively flat across a broad range of shear rates, Tuned Spacer cement spacer promotes a more uniform flow velocity. These superior fluid mechanics help ensure better cleaning of the wellbore and enable recovery and reuse of expensive synthetic-based drilling muds.

The Tuned Spacer cement spacer can be customized to satisfy the requirements of any wellbore geometry, and operators can adjust the concentration of the base mix to fine-tune the spacer viscosity to meet specific demands of the drilling muds.

The consistent rheology of Tuned Spacer cement spacer can provide operators with complete control over mixing, pumping, and equivalent circulating densities (ECDs).

Tuned System
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