CleanSpacer™ III Spacer Fluid

Environmentally-safe, biodegradable spacer helps optimize wellbore preparation

CleanSpacer™ III spacer fluid helps operators economically achieve regulated wellbore integrity requirements while contributing to environmental sustainability. CleanSpacer III spacer fluid, an ecofriendly fluid consisting of biopolymers, non-toxic minerals and water, serves as part of the fluid train intended to prepare the wellbore to receive cement, efficiently displacing mud as it water-wets the formation and casing surfaces, thus enabling the hydraulic bond of the cement sheath for a long-term annular barrier. It can be designed with an optimized rheology and density for an effective fluid train. It is compatible with several environmentally friendly surfactants and it can be used in both water-based and oil-based drilling fluid environments.

CleanSpacer III fluid is designed to be utilized in a closed-loop system for drilling operations. CleanSpacer III fluid can be recovered when returned to surface and disposed of via bioremediation where authorized under applicable regulatory requirements. The bioremediation is accomplished by distribution of this fluid across permitted agriculture fields where it undergoes biodegradation from soil microorganisms. Spreading the fluid and tilling it into soil is significantly less complex and costly than drilling, maintaining, and injecting into disposal wells.

Farmers in Colorado with crop fields licensed for use with biodegradable waste fluid have tilled CleanSpacer™ III spacer fluid, an ecofriendly fluid, into their resting-year-rotation agricultural fields.

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