HR®-817 Cement Retarder

Halliburton’s HR®-817 cement retarder is a non-lignin, high-temperature retarder that has been North Sea approved (biodegradable, non-toxic, and does not bioaccumulate) and is compatible in a wide range of additive combinations in API cements. It is capable of retarding cement at temperatures between 220°F to 350°F (104°C to 177°C). HR-817 retarder is an economical alternative to commonly used high-temperature retarders. It demonstrates good strength development and linear response in the 220°-350°F (105°-177°C) temperature range. HR-817 retarder has good anti-gas-migration qualities and has shown long zero-gel times and short transition times. It is intended for primary cementing jobs of liner and production casing.

HR-817 cement retarder can provide the following advantages:

  • Economical alternative to high-temperature retarders.
  • Repeatable/predictable retardation.
  • Short transition times.
  • Good early strength development.
  • Compatible with most additives, including fluid-loss additives, dispersants, salt, etc.
  • Acceptable in environmentally sensitive regions.
  • Effective at higher temperatures when extended with HR®-25 retarder.
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