HR®-7 Cement Retarder

HR®-7 retarder is a sodium lignosulfonate that can be used as a retarder and dispersant in all API classes  of cement as well as Pozmix® cement.

HR-7 retarder can be used in wells with bottomhole circulating temperatures (BHCTs) between 110°F and 170°F (43°C and 77°C). This retarder’s dispersing capabilities are particularly useful in cements containing high gel percentages. In these slurries, HR-7 retarder decreases air entrainment. It can also be used to help control fluid loss in slurries that are subjected to high shear rates. Small amounts of HR-7 retarder can extend a slurry’s temperature range and yield a smoother, more uniform slurry. In addition, HR-7 retarder can provide the following benefits:

  • Extended pumping times
  • Early cement-strength development
  • More predictable thickening times
  • Improved slurry displacement rates at steady pressures
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