Latex 2000™ Cement Additive

Enhancing key performance properties of cement slurry

Latex 2000 cement additive improves three important properties of cement slurries. The liquid additive can improve acid resistance, fluid-loss control, and high-temperature suspension properties.

Latex 2000 additive can be used across a wide range of well conditions and circulating temperatures (from ambient to 380°F), and it can play an important role in both primary casing cementing operations and remedial squeeze work.

Treating cement with Latex 2000 cement additive yields slurries with excellent wetting properties, low viscosities, and increased resiliency. These properties help increase bonding strength, resulting in a tighter annular seal and superior zonal isolation. Halliburton’s MicroBond and Super CBL expansive agents are often incorporated into slurries containing Latex 2000 additive to help maximize bond strengths.

Latex 2000 additive helps protect slurries against corrosive fluids such as acids. The additive can enhance the solids-suspension properties of high-density slurries, and it can improve rheological properties as it helps control slurry segregation.

Halliburton’s gas migration theory is the starting point for top-performing slurries using Latex 2000 additive. The results can include precision mixes that provide low fluid-loss control, delayed static gel time, and short transition time.

Latex 2000 additive - Product Specifications
Part No. 100009906 Boiling Point 212°F (100°C)
Form Opaque white liquid Packaging 54-gal drum
Specific Gravity 1.00 Freeze Point  32°F (0°C) 
pH 8.7 Flash Point  >190°F (87.8°C)

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