SA-541™ Control Agent

A suspending aid and free-water control agent

When slurries containing Halliburton’s SA-541 suspending aid are heated to temperatures greater than 120°F (49°C), the material yields to suspend downhole solids.

Our SA-541 suspending aid counteracts the thermal thinning of cement slurries and enables them to be mixed more easily. The control agent has little effect on surface-mixing viscosity.

SA-541 control agent has a shelf-life of up to 24 months and is not classified as hazardous waste by the Environmental Protection Agency.

SA-541 control agent - Product Specifications
Part No.
(50-lb bag)
(100009911 SAP)
Bulk Density 36 lb/ft3
Form Off-white to yellow
solid powder
pH 10.1
Specific Gravity 1.400 Flash Point  >200°F (>93°F) 

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