FWCA™/WG-17™ Additive

Free-water cement additive acts to suspend solids

FWCA additive is used to control free water and prevent solids from settling. It also can be used to mildly retard cement slurries and increase slurry viscosity.

FWCA additive is available as a solid powder and as a nonaqueous liquid dispersion. Neither form of the additive contains toxic ingredients or hazardous substances.

FWCA additive- Product Specifications
Part No. 516.00406 Bulk Density 32.00 lb/ft3
White, solid powder Packaging
50 lb. bag
Specific Gravity 1.390


FWCA liquid additive - Product Specifications            
Part No. 516.00437 Bulk Density 8.50 lb/gal
Form Clear, water-white
5-gal can
Specific Gravity 1.020 Pour Point  20F(-6C) 
Boiling Point 490°F (254°C) Flash Point 235°F (112°C)

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