Expansion/Bond Improving Additives

Special additives are available that can enhance the expansive properties of various cements.  These additives work by way of crystalline growth or in-situ gas generation.  Expansive cements expand slightly after the cement is set.  This can help promote bonding integrity between cement and the casing and the formation for zonal isolation throughout the life of the well to provide the following benefits:

  • Control gas migration
  • Protect casing from corrosive conditions
  • Eliminate communication between fracture / stimulation treatments
  • Reduce or eliminate unwanted fluid production (water or gas)
  • Help sustain wellbore integrity
Microbond HT™ Expanding Additive
An expansion cement additive developed for use at temperatures above 170°F (76.7°C).
Microbond™ Expanding Additive
A crystalline-growth cement additive that provides low-temperature expansion typically below 170 °F (76.7 °C) but most adequate below 130°F (54.4°C).
Super CBL™ Additive
Used to prevent gas migration by causing expansion and increasing slurry compressibility.
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Related Information

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