Microbond M™ Expanding Additive

Microbond M additive can be used in freshwater slurries, or salt slurries up to saturation. It can also be used in salt-saturated slurries at temperatures up to 300°F when Microbond HT™ develops expansion too slowly.

Microbond M additive provides the following benefits:

  • It helps provide more expansion than MicroBond™ additive at temperatures from 130°F to 170°F (54°C. to 77°C).
  • Microbond M additive helps provide quicker expansion than Microbond HT additive at temperatures from 170° to 190°F (77°C. to 88°C).
  • Microbond M additive can provide improved bonding and zonal isolation.
  • It is nonhazardous in normal working conditions.
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Related Information

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