Defoamers (anti-foam additives) can control or prevent frothing, foaming and air entrainment in cement slurries that may occur during the mixing process. Excessive foaming can cause an underestimation of slurry density downhole.  This is due to the entrapped air being compressed in downhole pressure conditions and increasing the density of the slurry over the lb/gal weight measurement gathered at the surface.  Additionally, excessive foam can lead to cavitation during mixing, which in turn may lead to equipment damage and/or a loss in hydrostatic pressure.

D-Air 4000L™ Defoamer
A defoamer and de-air entraining additive without settling issues and with a very low pour point for cold weather; environmentally accepted for use in the Gulf of Mexico.
D-Air 5000™ Defoamer
Can be used to provide foam control with a variety of slurries, including slurries with high yield points and those containing retarders and/or sodium chloride (NaCl).
NF-6™ Defoamer
Environmentally acceptable defoamer for use in sensitive regions.
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