Cements, Pozzolans and Blends

Halliburton provides different classifications of cement from cement manufacturers based on downhole conditions of a specific area. The American Petroleum Institute sets forth specifications for the manufacture of cement in API Specification 10A, Twenty-first Edition, September 1, 1991.

The base cement is usually modified with blended additives or liquid additives so the properties of the cement slurry are suitable for the various types of formations encountered in a well.

Portland cement can be extended with pozzolanic material to yield an economical slurry with premium properties. Combining pozzolanic material with cement produces a reaction that can improve the properties and compressive strength of the set cement sheath. 

Cements, Pozzolans and Blends

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Summary Lightweight cement achieves wellbore integrity in extremely weak formation in Texas panhandle. Nov 2017
Summary Enhancer 923 agent blended into cement slurry overcomes annular gas migration issues in the Barnett Shale Nov 2017
Summary Foam Cementing Water Control Treatment Adds Value of $276,500 to $7.8 Million Dec 2015
Summary Optimized Cementing Design Saved UPRC $113,715 in the First Year Dec 2015
Summary World Record Offshore Foam Cement Job Offers Potential Savings to the Operator of at Least $3 Million Dec 2015
Summary Squeeze Cementing with Micro Matrix Cement Eliminates Need to Set a Drilling Liner, Saving Operator $112,000 Dec 2015
Summary System Analysis Reduces Cost of Cementing Surface Pipe by 23%, Saves Operator over $275,000 Dec 2015
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