GasCon III™ Additive

GasCon III additive is a liquid suspending additive designed to help increase slurry stability and control free water. This additive can be used at bottomhole circulating temperatures (BHCTs) between 40°F and 220°F (4°C and 105°C).  The active compound is an inorganic, highly reactive, water-based, and modified colloidal silica solution. GasCon III additive was developed to address the need for stability and high water retention (control of free water).

GasCon III additive is used to control cement slurry stability and eliminate free water. In deepwater cementing operations, GasCon III additive increases early strength. The product is normally added in the liquid additive system and does not require any prolonged mixing time. Additions in the mixing water are also possible. The use of GasCon III additive enables a substantial reduction in the dosage in comparison with other liquid suspension products.

GasCon III suspending additive imparts thixotropy to the slurry, which can help control fluid migration and cement fallback. GasCon III additive can offer the following advantages:

  • Improves slurry stability.
  • Eliminate free water.
  • Enhance early strength at low temperature.
  • High consistency and predictable performance.
  • Easy handling and storage.
  • Cost effectiveness.
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