Hi-Dense® No.5 Weight Additive

Halliburton’s Hi-Dense® weight additives can be added to cement slurries to help restrain high formation pressure, increase slurry density, and improve mud displacement.  Hi-Dense® No. 5 cement-weighting additive is ilmenite (FeTiO2) that has been graded to a specified particle size. Approximately 80% of the particles are 325 mesh (45μ) or smaller. Hi-Dense No.5 additive is slightly denser than either Hi-Dense No.3 additive and Hi-Dense No.4 additive, delivering a lower solids content at the same density of the slurry.   Additionally, the need of fluid dilution is reduced when using Hi-Dense No.5.

Hi-Dense No.5 weight additive has the following benefits:

  • Helps control high formation pressures.
  • Increases slurry densities and improve mud displacement.
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Related Information

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