Foamer 1026™ Foamer/Stabilizer

Foamer 1026™ foamer/stabilizer is an environmentally acceptable surfactant-blend foam stabilizer and primary foamer. It is designed to help lower the density in water-based oilfield fluid systems such as spacers and cements and can be used in standard applications requiring foamed cements.

Foamer 1026 foamer/stabilizer is an alternative to Foamer 760™ foamer/stabilizer and ZoneSealant™ 2000 cement additive. Foamer 1026 foamer/stabilizer is a replacement for ZoneSealant™ 4000 cement additive.


  • Excellent foaming ability and foam stability
  • Very tolerant of salt, even up to saturation, and good temperature stability
  • Acceptable in environmentally sensitive regions
  • Easily diluted in water (no gelation)
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Related Information

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