Cementing Additives

Energy wells are designed to be a safe conduit for the recovery of oil, gas, heavy oil, hydrates and even steam.  The environments from which energy is extracted can be harsh, and cement systems play a key role in maintaining the integrity of the well.  Cyclic loading from geo-mechanical and geo-chemical stresses occurs daily, yet wellbore architecture must resist failure due to deformation, fatigue, cracking and corrosion. 


Halliburton offers the largest selection of materials, chemicals and additives for specific wellbore conditions than any other services provider in the industry.  These additives and materials help tailor and optimize cement systems, enabling them to convey long-term performance advantages for wells subject to the most challenging conditions such as wide-varying temperature changes, fluctuating formation pressures, and corrosive elements.


Options for cementing additives include :

• Accelerators

• Retarders

• Dispersants

• Fluid loss agents

• Suspension aids

• Gas migration additives

• Latexes

• Weighting agents

Additives, Chemicals, Materials

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Summary SentinelCem™ Cement Cures Losses in Iraq Wells Jul 2017
Summary BaraShield®-664 & BaraLock®-666 LCMs Help Cure Total Losses & Improve Cement Job in Known Thief Zone Jun 2017
Summary Customized LCM Squeeze Pill Cures Losses in Depleted Sandstones and Eliminates Additional Trips Jun 2017
Summary WellSET® treatment helps operator avoid losses while drilling severely depleted sands Feb 2016
Summary Static loss rate drops to zero after use of DUO-SQUEEZE® R LCM pills Dec 2015
Summary Static loss rate drops 87% after use of DUO-SQUEEZE® R LCM pills Dec 2015
Summary STEELSEAL®/BARACARB® LCM pill saves $4 million on deepwater well Nov 2015
Summary STOPPIT® LCM Pills Cure Loss Rate for Oman Operator Oct 2015
Summary Combo pills provide Immediate Impact Intervention Solution through rapid seal in severe loss zone Sep 2015
Summary BARAFLAKE® acid-soluble lost circulation material pill cures losses Jul 2015
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