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High-energy displacement rates are important for achieving good mud displacement and cement slurry placement. Halliburton cementing units provide fast rig-up time and homogeneous slurries. Our pumping equipment provides industry-leading reliability and performance, enabling efficient cementing operations. The Elite™ trailer is Halliburton's most advanced cementing unit and features the FLECS™ control system. Halliburton also has Global Harsh-Environment Trucks with twin HT-400™ pumps on a body load unit with a combined 1,475 horsepower and FLECS Control System designed to reliably mix and displace cement slurry in rugged conditions and harsh environment.

Automatic Density Control (ADC® mixing system)

  • UNIPRO™ II computer system provides automatic control over the flow rate of incoming dry material and mixing water (automatic operational mode)
  • Two back up systems: (1) electrically overrides the UNIPRO II system with a potentiometer in the control stand (manual electric operational mode); (2) manual system that bypasses the hydraulic system and manually moves the water valve and cement throttling valve (manual mechanical emergency operational mode)
  • Signals are received from the 3-in. mixing water flow meter and the 3-in. density meter, adjusting the incoming flow to the correct rate and density
  • Allows preprogramming of up to three stages of cement blends
  • Accommodates rate, density, and stage changes during the job

RCM® IIIr High-Energy Mixing System

The RCM® IIIr mixer mixes pneumatically conveyed bulk dry cement and cement material with the mixing water for a thoroughly mixed and homogenous slurry.

  • Provides a linear relationship and a single control point between valve position and dry bulk material rate and water rate
  • Dry cement feed rate controlled by cement throttle valve atop mixer
  • Fresh water entry feed rate controlled by a rotary-jet valve located in the mixer
  • Cement dust is minimized by the wetting of dust particles before they can escape to the atmosphere
  • RCM Tank: Pre-mix compartment of the RCM tank receives the cement slurry, mixing it again with mechanical agitators before returning it back to the RCM IIIr mixer via the re-circulating centrifugal pump
  • Designed to re-circulate slurry through Density Sensor and back into mixer to provide higher mixing energy
  • Allows re-circulated slurry to mix with the incoming water and cement for more effective mixing
  • Diffuses the energy of the re-circulated and newly mixed slurries to minimize air entrainment
BMR 100-Barrel Batch-Mixer Trailer
More safety and ergonomic benefits distinguish this design from our competitors.
Elite™ Cementing Unit
A Trailer unit with Twin HT-400™ Pumps for a combined 1,025 horsepower and the FLECS™ control system.
HT-400™ Pump
The rugged HT-400™ pump is the foundation of many Halliburton cementing and pumping units and is ideal for a variety of cuttings injection projects.
Red Tiger™ Cementing Unit
Body Load Truck with a single HT-400™ pump driven by a 520 horsepower engine. RCM® IIIr mixer and FLECS Control System.
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