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The most definitive test of primary cementing is the rate and ultimate recovery of the producing well. Halliburton recognizes that wellbore construction is integral to well performance and total recovery. As a result, Halliburton has developed proprietary applied-design tools to enable the design of a cement sheath for two distinctively different steps: the last step in drilling each section of the wellbore, and the first important step in completions.

Halliburton has gone beyond focusing solely on achieving a competent cement bond log and has scientifically investigated the cumulative stresses in and around the wellbore over time and the potential damage to the cement sheath created by those stresses. This has resulted in analytical software tools that enable the assessment of the risk of possible cement failure as a function of slurry placement, cement sheath properties, wellbore properties, and stress loading. The goal is to work collaboratively with our customers to design and deliver cementing systems that address the risks revealed in models in order to deliver a cement sheath able to retain annular-seal integrity for years and even decades.

Conventionally the industry has focused on short-term wellbore construction properties from cementing services such as cement placement, compressive strength, achieving desired top of cement (TOC), initial bond logs and preventing gas migration. This approach has been necessary to optimize drilling time, but does not account for maintaining zonal isolation for the life of the well. However, if at any point in the life of the well the annular seal becomes compromised, inter-zonal communication can lead to oil and gas flowing to lower pressure zones within the well instead of being produced; or it could lead to water production or annular pressure build up. Any of these may require expensive remedial services or the well to be shut in due to government regulations. In any case, valuable hydrocarbon is lost.

Wellbore challenges and achieving wellbore integrity are more complicated than ever before due to increased reservoir depth and downhole temperature and pressure. Halliburton is offering operators the means to increase the probability of wellbore-integrity success through sound technical decision-making throughout the life of the well. Along with field-proven technical solutions and laboratory-driven empirical data, Halliburton Cementing provides the most robust cementing design tool available in the industry: iCem® Service.

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Summary Long String Cemented RapidSuite™ System with Plug and Perf Saves Time and Reduces Risk Jul 2016
Summary Norway: Top of Cement Isolation of Gas Zone on Subsea Field Jun 2015
Summary Permanent Plug Back - Setting a Plug through the BHA - New Zealand Offshore Aug 2014
Summary WellLock Resin provides well integrity to withstand forty-two fracturings stages Aug 2014
Summary Norway: Shallow Gas Isolation - Exploration Well Nov 2013
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