SA-1015™ Suspending Agent

SA-1015™ suspending agent is an additive designed to prevent solids from settling and to control free fluid particularly in high water ratio cement slurries. Helping mitigate solids settling is important for avoiding stuck tubulars when cementing liners and/or setting cement plugs. Fluid stability can help prevent slurry-bridging across thief zones and avoid filtrate loss to the producing zones or fresh water aquifers while maintaining constant hydrostatic pressure. A secondary effect of this agent is that it imparts some properties to help mitigate fluid loss.

Slurry performance can be enhanced with SA-1015 suspending agent because it helps control free water and prevent solids from settling. When blended into a slurry, this agent can help particles and solids to remain suspended, helping to mitigate stratification. This agent also helps to eliminate free fluid, particularly important in highly deviated or horizontal wellbores. Greater free fluid control helps eliminate possible communication along the high side of horizontal wellbores, across salt zones, or in highly deviated wells, areas where free fluids tend to migrate with conventional cement slurries.

Once pumping stops, the cement slurry should quickly gain static gel strength to resist gas or other unwanted fluids percolating into the slurry, potentially creating unwanted channels. SA-1015 suspending agent is a highly shear thinning material and provides excellent low shear and static gel strengths. The gel strengths are strong enough to hold particles in suspension but require relatively little shear energy to regain flow. Especially at high concentrations, slurries blended with this agent may behave thixotropically.

This agent is also available in a liquid form: SA-1015 EXP suspending agent.

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