Riserless Cementing

DeepAssurance™ Cementing Solution SuiteRiserless cementing in deep water typically presents shallow-flow zones in unconsolidated formations.  This can result in excessive washouts creating difficulties with mud conditioning and requiring large volumes for full cement coverage back to the sea floor. Additionally, there can be narrow pressure margins and drastic temperature differentials from surface to mudline to bottomhole. All of these challenges require not only reliable equipment and experienced personnel, but specialized fluid systems for competent cement placement to maximize casing support and isolation for drilling operations. Thus optimizing the slurry design and having a robust execution plan are important.

In order to minimize material costs and the expense of repeated trips to shore, use of the same cement for multiple sections is preferred.  This is often accomplished with the use of additive technology, like liquid additives and automated metering systems, to appropriately adjust the mechanical and chemical properties of the cement system on the spot.  This is economical for the operator and environmentally wise by minimizing discarding of un-used materials and supply transport to the vessel.

Riserless Cementing Challenges

Riserless Cementing Challenges If Unaddressed
Efficiency of logistics and materials availability.

Well development hindered by lack of materials.

Narrow pore pressure / fracture gradient margins (as low as 0.2 to 0.5 lbm/gal ) and unconsolidated formations.

Lost circulation; damage to or loss of wellhead due to shallow water flow or wellhead drops.

Cement hydration rate negatively influenced by low/variable seabed temperatures (including possible presence of gas hydrate deposits).

Lengthy wait-on-cement time becomes NPT and deprives operators of efficient rig costs.


Solutions for Riserless Cementing

Cement Systems

GasStop™ Cement
Tuned® Light Cement
ZoneSeal® Isolation Process


CFR-8™ Cement Friction Reducer
DeepFX™-L Additive
Econolite Additive
GasCon 469™ Additive
Gel Modifier 750™ Anti Fluid Migration Additive
Halad®-300L Fluid-Loss Additive
Halad®-322 Fluid-Loss Additive
Halad®-344 Fluid Loss Additive
Halad®-413 Fluid-Loss Additive
Halad®-567 Fluid Loss Additive
Halad®-600 LE+ Fluid Loss Additive
Hollow Glass Spheres (HGS)
HR®-25 Cement Retarder
HR®-4 Retarder
HR®-5 Retarder
HR®-6L Cement Retarder
HR®-817 Cement Retarder
HR-800™ Cement Retarder
Microbeads™ Mineral Spheres Additive
SCR-100™ Retarder
SCR-200L™ Cement Retarder
Silicalite Cement Additive

Design and Planning

iCem® Service
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Related Information

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