ChannelSeal® Process

Prevents expensive casing-shoe remediation

Halliburton’s ChannelSeal® Process can enable slurry to fill washouts and completely surround casing prior to cementing. Because ChannelSeal slurry remains fluid with low gel strength for extended periods and reacts shortly after the cement is placed, it can provide isolation in channels created by poor displacement efficiency in the primary cementing process.

The ChannelSeal process is designed for wells with temperatures ranging from 110°F to 300°F, and it is available in water- and synthetic-based slurries.

The ChannelSeal process can:

  • Improve shoe integrity
  • Minimize low-side channeling in highly deviated wellbores
  • Control cross flow
  • Temporarily plug sidetracking spotted through the bottom hole assembly
  • Assist in directionally drilling a new wellbore

ChannelSeal slurries are formulated for:

  • Fluid compatibility
  • Formation compatibility
  • Maximum displacement efficiency
  • Maintaining a stable wellbore during casing runs
  • Minimizing channels and contamination over specific intervals

Halliburton ChannelSeal Process
Water-based ChannelSeal® process sample,
sectioned four days after placement.

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Related Information

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