Plug Setting Aids

The CST™ cement support tool, tubing release tool (TRT), bottomhole kickoff assembly (BHKA) disconnect tool, and bottomhole kickoff assembly (BHKA) tool system were designed to aid in setting balanced and competent cement plugs during remedial and primary cementing operations. These tools, when used with cementing best practice applications, can help to improve the attempts to get a proper cement plug set the first time without the need for additional plugs. These tools are available to order through your nearest Halliburton sales office or field camp. Additional application information and product data can be supplied upon request. The following Matrix can help you select which tool can offer the most benefit for your cement plugging operations.

Plug Setting Aids Matrix

Help set kick off plugs
Help set abandonment plugs
Help set plugs to cure lost circulation  
Help get cement plug on first attempt
Use of more cement designs, due to use of sacrificial tailpipe
Compatible with all drilling fluids
Sets undisturbed plug with sacrificial tubing tail  
Minimizes risk of differentially sticking workstring  
Cement plug can be left drillable
Used in lost circulation well environment  
Needs tool operator or location supervisor  
Diverter tool accessory option
30o horizontal well conditions
Sets excessive length cement plugs with non-drillable tailpipe
Utilizing drillable or non-drillable tailpipe
Creates a false well bottom
Prevent downhole fluid movement
Rebuilt and re-used on location  
Tubular fluid retention device  
Used in low fluid level well  
Helps hydrostatic fluid column      
 Drillable and non-drillable tailpipe can be utilized as long as CST can pass through ID restrictions.

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