GasStop™ Cement

Designed to perform effectively in wells with over pressured zones

With Tuned Cementing Solutions™ systems, Halliburton has created a set of innovative fit-for-purpose solutions with the flexibility required to allow each system to be tuned specifically for a given set of wellbore conditions. GasStop cements form one of these families of fit-for-purpose solutions.

With GasStop cements you receive a system that can be effectively foamed or used as a conventional cementing solution. GasStop cements are designed to perform effectively in wells with overpressured zones with the potential for fluid influx into the annulus through unset cement using specially tuned systems. These zones are typically gas bearing, but the GasStop technology works equally as well for water or plastic salt flow. GasStop cements typically work by gaining gel strength development rapidly, in-situ volume generation, and/or increased compressibility.

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