GasChek® Cement Additive

GAS-CHEK cement additive was introduced to provide an effective means of helping prevent gas flow into the annulus after cement has been placed. Historically, the industry has been plagued with the problem of annular gas flow following completion of cementing jobs. Numerous corrective practices have been attempted in order to help prevent annular gas flow, but previously no completely reliable process had been found.

GAS-CHEK cement provides a new cementing technique for annular gas flow problems. GAS-CHEK cement does not have to be used in the entire cementing operation but should be used across all possible gas invasion zones.

GasChek® Cement Additive

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Summary Super CBL Slurry, SCR-100 Retarder, Fas Drill Plugs, and CTU Help Operator Save $125,000 Aug 2004
Summary Super CBL Offsets Gas Influx Caused by Liner Top Packer May 2003
Summary Inventive Use of Super CBL Material Saves Operator over $19,000 May 2003
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