SurePlug™ Process

Typical cement/mud cross-section that can result when a kickoff plug is attempted without following the necessary procedures.

Guaranteed process ensures plug success

The Halliburton SurePlug process enhances hole cleaning, job design, materials selection, and job operations to help ensure successful kickoff plugs.

The service has helped set kickoff plugs on the first attempt in a variety of well conditions ranging from 1,500 ft to over 15,000 ft. Wellbore orientation in these applications has ranged from vertical to horizontal, and holes have ranged from 6 in. diameters to 3-ft. elliptical washouts.

The SurePlug process addresses each of the elements that can ruin a plug job, including:

  • Poor mud removal
  • Unstable cement slurries
  • Insufficient cement slurry volume
  • Poor coordination
  • Worker impatience
  • Careless job execution

These factors can result in plugs that return hard cuttings but drill soft; plugs that will not provide the strength required to kickoff; or plugs that cannot maintain a proper position because of poor bonding.

Halliburton's SurePlug process service addresses each of these factors by optimizing the operational design, materials selection, and testing required for successful outcomes. The process includes all time on the wellsite for pumping and bulk equipment, as well as the time needed to condition a well to meet design specifications for a successful kickoff plug.

SurePlug process service even includes an industry 'first': Halliburton's guarantee that covers any additional pumping services and materials needed to set additional plugs if the first plug fails. (Failure = not being able to kickoff the cement plug due to a too-soft plug, or one not seated in the agreed-upon location.)

The SurePlug process service is equally applicable to both plug and abandonment operations - both of which are subject to increasingly stringent regulatory and environmental requirements.

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SurePlugâ„¢ Process

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Summary SurePlug Process Succeeds After Another Service Company Fails Dec 2003
Summary Halliburton SurePlug Process Cuts Lost Rig Time for Dramatic Cost Savings May 2003
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