Job Design

Every well has unique formation, temperature, and pressure properties along with other variable such as annuli trajectory and diameter that can affect fluid movement during cementing operations and the cement sheath.  Taking into account such variables, Halliburton designs cementing jobs with a slurry design intended to mix easily on location, stay fluid until the job is complete, and then quickly set, bonding to the casing and formation allowing the next well construction operation to proceed. In addition to these common requirements, cement jobs may have a wide variety of distinct goals which will be specific to that individual cementing challenge.

When you contract with Halliburton, applied-design tools are available to provide simulations to help you make good primary cementing decisions and demonstrate the value and effect of addressing the various parameters of a cement solution.

Designing a cement job requires extensive calculations (e.g., fluid types, fluid volumes, flow rates, circulatability, etc.) and Halliburton makes software available for performing many of these tedious calculations and electronically simulating cementing jobs. These programs allow the technical professional to evaluate and compare alternative designs of cement systems.

Job Design

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Summary Predictive Analysis and Optimized Fluids Reduce Risk in Granite Wash Horizontal Well Cementing May 2014
Summary SurePlug Process Succeeds After Another Service Company Fails Feb 2013
Summary Cementing Best Practices and Teamwork Save Operator over $300,000 Feb 2013
Summary Deepwater Cementing Job with Foamed Slag/Mud Saves Operator $1.2 Million Feb 2013
Summary Halliburton SurePlug Process Cuts Lost Rig Time for Dramatic Cost Savings Feb 2013
Summary Gas Flow Potential Diagnostic Tools Result in a Successful Liner Cementing Job and $6,000 in Slurry Savings Feb 2013
Summary Customized Cement Blend Saves Operator About $15,000 Feb 2013
Summary Optimized Cement Design Saves Operator over $30,000 Per Well Feb 2013
Summary Squeeze Cement Job Isolated Production Zone Feb 2013
Summary First Halliburton Acid-soluble Cement Job in Shelby County, Texas Helped Enable Operator to Place Six Hydraulic Fractures in Horizontal Well Feb 2013
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ACE™ Advanced Cement Evaluation
Provides quick, accurate information on cement bond, even when using foamed cements.
eRedbook® Software
A complete digital toolkit that offers quick and reliable calculators for computations used in daily operations.
FLECS™ Control System
Designed to make cementing more consistent in the most adverse conditions.
SurePlug™ Process
Enhances hole cleaning, job design, materials selection, and plug-setting operations.
WellLife® III Cementing Service
WellLife® III cementing service is a three-tier solution to help address the the destabilization of the annular seal in aging wells brought on by continual formation and pressure changes.
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